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Q51 PANalyzer Q58 802.15.4 SPI Module
Price: US$365.00
Price: US$120.00
Q51 PANalyzer
Remote 802.15.4 PAN probe with Ethernet interface. The Q58 connects your embedded system to two separate mesh networks using only one SPI bus.*

It’s ideal for applications providing core services to two different mesh networks, such as smart energy and home automation.*

The Q58 gets you to market quickly when combined with Exegin’s ZigBee PRO and ZigBee IP stacks for Linux, Windows and most real time operating systems.

*Dual Radio model - shown above.
Q70 ZigBee IP LBR Q53 ZigBee Gateway
Price: US$330.00
Price: US$330.00
Q70 ZigBee IP LBR Q53 ZigBee Gateway
ZigBee IP/SE2.0 IPv6 Local Border Router ZigBee Gateway to remote control your ZigBee PAN.

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